Department of Pathological Physiology
Hněvotínská 3
775 15 Olomouc
Tel.: +420 585 632 502

Communication with department

Dear General Medicine and Dentistry students!
In order to run teaching and administration process smoothly please follow the general traditions of communication on the Department of Pathophysiology:

  1. In contacting the department personally, please respect the office hours.
  2. The rules for electronic communication process are the following:
    1. communications related to apologizes should be sent to: pfy-omluvy-apologies@upol.cz.
    2. communications related to the exams, should be sent to: pfy-zkousky-exams@upol.cz.
    3. communications related to your requests should be sent to: pfy-zadosti-requests@upol.cz.
    4. any suggestions, complaints, ideas should be sent to: pfy-suggestions-complaints@upol.cz.
  3. Issues related to course content, e.g. questions regarding tests and credits etc. should be addressed to your teacher with a copy to the secretary.
  4. General questions about study process, registering on the course – please contact Study Department (Bc. Jana Osmani jana.osmani@upol.cz, Bc. Jitka Melcrová jitka.melcrova@upol.cz )